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Mediocrity October 29, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

Currently listening to: “Symphony no. 9 in D Minor” by Ludwig van Beethoven

Not feeling very good right now. Not necessarily feeling bad, just… not good. I guess this is what mediocre feels like.

I went hiking with Dan, Sarah, Brian, and Sarah’s little brother Jeb today. We went up through the Cumberland Gap. It was a really nice hike. There was a nice little cave with a skylight, and it had the whole ominous blue glow dealie. It was about 7 miles total, so we spent a good portion of the day in the mountains. Dan and Sarah brought me back to my house. I fixed some dinner and thought about going to the CSC to watch the game. I decided against it. Since my car’s stuck in park, I’d have had to call someone down here first.

The stories are going on hiatus for a while. I’ve exhausted my pre-written posts. Just give me some time and they’ll be up again.

Also, a while back, I was checking my e-mail. Since I get blog comments through there, I never do know what post they’re from. I got one, some guy telling me he liked my blog or something; that he liked architecture or studied it. Something. And a link to his blog was there. Anyway, while reading, my computer froze. I checked back through my mail, and I lost it! I searched my blogs, but haven’t found the comment… So anyone with information on the missing comment should contact your local FBI, or me. Or, if you are the Missing Commentator, send me another comment. I lost yours (in case you didn’t read most of this paragraph).

Guess that’s all for now. See ya.



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