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A Board Game! November 7, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

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Okay, so I lost a little money on an overdraft charge, but I don’t care, ’cause I get to go to Heaven when I die.
; )

I know I haven’t posted in a few days, so lemme offer this as a cop-out.
Now, I was thinking: not everyone who reads my blog uses the forum. So for the rest of you guys, here’s the board game rules. (And for those that did read this, go on to the bottom; I’ve added some cards). Good luck on understanding the rues so far, but here goes:
I’ve taken the CSC, and divided it into big ole’ squares. You basically roll dice to move around.
Now this is a card and board game, so it gets complex.
Your goal is to get three people to graduate. First you have to coax them in with certain cards. For example, anyone can be brought if promised enough food.
Eric: Discard 3 points worth of food to bring Eric into play.
Movie night: Bring up to 3 people into play; discard 2 food cards for each person.

Once in the CSC, your aim is to get cards to further your education. Some would also help you out during the game. For example…
Probability 101: Worth 3 credit hours. Discard any card from your hand to reroll the dice anytime during your turn.
Dance 220: Worth 3 credit hours. You must stand up and dance at the beginning of every turn or forfeit this card and its credit hours.
Man, I like that one.
Once you reach a certain number of credit hours (depending on the person) that person graduates. You can be working on up to five people at any time (number subject to change), so you have to decide who gets to take which classes.

While in the CSC, you are subject to “events.” These can be played at any time, and on anyone, causing one-time effects. Here’s a few examples:
Late for class: Target person must leave the CSC unless player repays the food cost to bring them into play.
Zacuum: Target player loses 1 to 3 food cards from play (roll die to determine number).
And yes, I do have Zach’s permission on that one.

Then there’s “circumstances.” They can be played during the players turn, ad affect everyone as long as they’re in play.
Eleven PM: No people can be brought to the CSC while ths card is in play.

That’s basically the premise. Any card suggestions you have would be helpful. I’ll go ahead and show you all I’ve got:


  • Statistics
    • You may reroll any die once per turn.
  • Dance
    • You must dance at the beginning of your turn or forfeit this card.
  • Culinary Arts
  • Quantum Mechanics
    • Discard one food card- roll a die (this counts as your move). On 5 or 6, you can move to any point in the CSC.
  • Clairvoyance (of couse its a class)
    • Discard one food card- you may look at the top card of any deck.
  • Track
  • Robotics
  • Choir
    • You must sing, not speak, or forfeit this card.


  • Late for Class
    • Remove one person card of your choice from the CSC. Shuffle back into the deck.
  • Zacuum
    • Roll one die. Target player discards half that many food cards (rounded up).
  • Deciding Where to Eat
    • Roll one die. You and that many other players lose your next turns. You gain one food for your next turn.
  • More Like Your Face
    • Any event played against you is retargeted to whoever played it.
  • The Shoe Game
  • Recycle
    • Shuffle the discard pile into the deck.


  • Eleven PM
    • Players cannot add people to the CSC while this card is in play.
  • Retreat
    • Anytime someone is invited to the CSC (after cost has been played), roll a die. On 3 or below, he/she cannot come due to being out of town.
  • James 3
    • Whoever plays this card chooses a word. Anyone who says the word must give you one card of their choice (unless they have no hand).
  • Summer break
    • Anyone with less than x credit hours leaves the CSC. They are not discarded: as soon as this card is destroyed, they return to the CSC.
  • Abby’s asleep
    • All players must speak in a whisper. Anyone making too much noise must discard 3 points worth of food. This card is then discarded.


  • Wednesday Lunch: Counts as one food point. Not discarded after using.


1. crittermer - November 7, 2005

Wow, Eric. The game sounds very complex/creative/funny. When are we playing?

2. Justin - November 8, 2005

Being around the CSC since 1997… here’s a few more ideas that should probably be in the game:

The inevitable Agape Partner Hookup/Breakup. (Event)

Planning Sessions. (Event)

Change your major. (Classes)

I can probably think of a few more and even how those cards should be played, but I’ve got a meeting in 5 minutes, so I’ll leave it at that.

3. The Matt Luc - November 8, 2005

Development is underway! Excitment galore! Yay for the brilliance of Dobbs!

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