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“Old songs” November 12, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

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Last night we had a devo. We sang a little longer than usual, which I really don’t mind. Zach seemed to be a little short on prepared songs, so he mostly took requests. Brad (who gave the lesson) asked to sing “Joyful Joyful.” Since no one knew all the verses by heart, we got out the songbooks. Down here in Knoxville, we use Songs of Faith and Praise as the default songbook. Up in Gallatin, though, we always use Praise for the Lord. The songbook here isn’t so bad; it’s just left out alot of good songs. There’s only a handful of people down here that know “His Eye is on the Sparrow.” However, in a despearte attempt for some (as they call them down here) “old songs,” I suggested one of my favorites, “O Lord, Our Lord.” Big mistake. I should’ve guessed we wouldn’t have gotten through it. Sigh…

I’ve learned alot of songs here, but they’re all… well… I guess devo songs, would be the best I could describe it. I like those good ole’ songs with that bass line moving through, and the sevenths. Man, I like sevenths. I guess I’ve just been used to the old songbook. I can even recite alot of songs by number. Let’s see…
1) A Beautiful Life
2) A Beautiful Prayer
5) A Hill Called Mount Calvary
6) Angry Words
23) All Things are Ready
36) Amazing Grace
53) Because He Lives
134) Faith is the Victory
200) Hallelujah, Praise Jehovah
351) Jesus is Coming Soon
380) Just as I Am
400) Living By Faith
424) Lovest Thou Me more than These
425) Master the Tempest is Raging
444) Nailed to the Cross
500) O Thou Fount of Every Blessing
501) O Worship the King
523) Our God, He is Alive
645) The Old Rugged Cross
700) To the Work
714) Trust and Obey
716) Walking Alone at Eve
717) Victory in Jesus
800) Zion’s Call
824) I’ll Fly Away
900) Wonderful
Wow, I didn’t realize I knew that many numbers…

Zach just got back from the game, even though it just started. You see, he was going to use my ID to get his friend into the student section. “It’ll be OK,” he assured me. “He looks just like you.” So I agree and let them use my ID. Last night, his friend made it to town. Out of the car steps a guy who looks NOTHING LIKE ME. Well, that’s what I get for believing Zach. Long story short, he got caught, so I don’t get my ID back for a while. Which isn’t too good since I need it to print out my drawings. Hmmm… well, live and learn, I guess. The moral of the story is: Zach’s wrong. Simple as that.

What’s that? You want to see another card, eh? Well… okay. But just ’cause you asked so nicely.



1. Jon - November 12, 2005

it might be difficult to get it back. Last person I knew who had their ID taken because of this, had to appear before a board and explain why they let a non-student use their ID. It may not be the same now. Hope you can get it back without any problem. It is usually best not to let someone use ID in that manner, especially if it going to be checked.

2. Bren Hughes - November 12, 2005

The songs you remember are really good ones, Eric. And I dont’ think anybody in the whole world but Carl Newby leads “His Eye is on the Sparrow.” My wife and I get really cracked up by that song (and the ending of “Sweet, Sweet Spirit”).

When I was in college I got sooo sick of devo-type songs. I just wanted someone to lead SOMETHING with that good old oompa-bassline and those delicious sevenths.

I sing because I’m hapeeeee! I sing because I’m freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!…

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