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Alot to do November 15, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

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So much going on…

The laser cutter has a list on the door of everyone waiting to use it. I went by to sign up. The earliest I could get in would be 3 AM. I chose sleep instead, so I’ll be up there at 8:00.
Okay. Tomorrow, I go on judicial review. I know it sounds pretty bad, but… um… yeah. Since I gave my ID to Zach, I’m apparently in trouble so… judicial review.
The model’s due by the end of class (5:30), so I’ll just have to work fast.

Thursday, I have an adobe project due at 9 in the morning. I did have an outline due for my term paper, but I managed an extension. Yea.



1. The Matt Luc - November 16, 2005

Here is my story about using another person’s ID…

I was visiting Virginia Tech with my friend Brian over spring break this past year. We were going to go to one of the basketball games, so Brian’s friend Ashley needed a picture of me to find a student ID for me. I supplied the picture and when I arrived at VT they supplied me with an ID… of someone who looked nothing like me. Mr. Shaun Peroni was a dark haired individual like myself, but he was about 100 pounds lighter than me. Brian’s friend Steve, who aquired the ID, said that it would be fine and that they never really checked them.

When we arrived at the game we went through the side entrance where security wasn’t as bad. My friends decided to let me go through first, just in case it didn’t work. I handed the guy my ticket and the ID. He looked at them… CLOSELY. I heard Brian and Steve moan as the man looked at me and said “This doesn’t look like you.” I had to act fast.

“What do you mean it doesn’t look like me?! Oh I see… Just because someone gains a freshman 50 you’re going to discriminate against them?! Yes, I gained a little weight… So what?! Just because I don’t conform to the ‘norm’ you are going to harass me?! Because thats what this is, sir: HARASSMENT. But you know what this (lifting up my shirt and poking my belly) is? This is prosperity. This is what happens when my father makes more in one month than you do in a whole year. And don’t think that we won’t be slapping a lawsuit on you and the campus for this!”

Needless to say the game was great. God forgive me for such a flagrant lie, but man… Oh the cleverness of me!

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