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A satirical look at some misconceptions November 19, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General.

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Jason showed me a really funny site the other day: It’s a look at some of the misconceptions people have about Jesus. Basically, they’ve taken a few old movie clips about the life of Jesus and dubbed them over. Instead of showing how Jesus actually is, they show what it would’ve been like if those misconceptions were right. Check out Vintage21. Click on the top left picture to get to the media section. Click on videos, then go to page 2. This is where you can view the movies. Here’s a list of the misconceptions they go over:

  1. Jesus is too important/busy for me.
  2. Christianity is just a bunch of rules.
  3. Jesus justs sees our sins (extremely funny).
  4. Just about everything else.

“Peter, you lied to your mother the other day. Andrew, you said a naughty word when you hit your finger with a hammer. James, you laughed at him when he hit his finger.”
“And you… I forgot your name, so your off the hook for now.”



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