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Yesterday-Today December 1, 2005

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Updates: Eric’s Sketchbook

Suprise! It’s an update! Lots to talk about, so let’s cut to the chase (Though I would strongly recommend checking out my sketchbook today).

Last night after church, we had a group together to go to Alexander’s/David’s to play cards. Before I got to that, I needed to go with Matt to drop his AGAPE kid off. His partner is Alicia, but she had a meeting or something. Anyway, we were heading up Alcoa towards the interstate. About to turn onto it eastbound, he suddenly jolts back to the left lane, westbound. “Yeah, it’s this way.”

We go down the road for about ten minutes. Passing an exit, he speaks up again. “Oh, wait. No, it was the other way.” We look for the next exit, but that isn’t for another ten minutes. Finally, we get off the interstate to turn around. While trying to get back on, we miss the turn to the ramp. We turn around and head back for it. He misses it again. We decide to give up on that and just go with Kingston.

After about ten minutes, we pass the church. Yeah, where we started. We get back on Alcoa. I make sure to remind him a few times that we need to go right. After about ten minutes, we pass an exit. “Um, I think that might’ve been it.” He calls up Alicia, and yes. That was it. So we need to turn around. Again. Then we hit major traffic. As it turns out, there was no wreck on our side of the interstate. It was just a bottleneck caused by a huge wreck on the other side. Westbound traffic was at a standstill. Obviouly enough, we aren’t going to turn around.

I call up David to tell him what all is going on. He tells us to take a secondary interstate. Matt eventually decides to get off on an exit to call and ask how to get to Rebecca’s house. “Wait a second… I know this road…” Yes, Matt’s random exiting got us to the exact spot we needed to be.

After dropping off Rebecca, we went to the church so I could get my car. Matt followed me to the CSC where I picked up Zach. Then we went to David’s/Alexander’s. We played cards, and it was fun.

David and Matt both had to leave for work after a while, though. Afterwards, we had the best conversation I’d ever been involved in. We covered just about every spiritual topic: the Trinity, lust, Heaven, etc. It was great.

Unfortunately, I had a paper rough draft due the next day. I had about 1200/2500 words. Yeah, lot’s of ground to cover. Looking at the clock, it was 3 AM. We stayed a little longer, just for the sake of seeing David get back from work.

I made an executive descicion to skip my computer class the next day. I slept until 11 and worked on my paper for about two and a half hours straight. I cut my paper a little short on words since it was coming up soon. Its just a rough draft, after all.



1. The Matt Luc - December 1, 2005

Yup thats pretty much how it went. I have to admit I am very bad with directions. Alicia can vouche for this. My poor sense of direction is only made up by the fact that my trips are usually pretty interesting. But, just for more evidence on how bad I am with directions, here is one of my stories…

Last spring I had come up to visit Alicia just before the semester ended. I could only come up for a day due to the fact that I had work the following morning. So I drove three hours to get to Knoxville (I’m such a sweet boyfriend). It was uneventful. I got here and spent the day with her.

At about 2:00 AM Knox time I headed back to Tullahoma. After 30 minutes of driving I pulled off at an exit to get my usually load of Amps and Frapacinos (spelling?). I got back on the interstate and renewed my journey.

After 30 minutes I realized that I had gotten on the wrong way and had driven back to Knoxville. I turned around and drove back in the right direction. One hour wasted. I was heading for Cookville where I would refuel and head south to my home. The caffiene was in effect.

Near Cookville the road became really foggy. I didn’t know what exit I was supposed to get off on, only that I was looking for 70S. The fog was so bad I had to slow down to about 35-40 mph so that I wouldn’t go off-roading. Finally I saw a sign that said 70S. I got on it.

The road did not look familiar at all. Things were very dark and quiet. It looked like I was driving through the South that was forgotten in the 1920’s. After 45 minutes of this I was getting worried… I was going to turn around and go all the way back but instinct told me to keep going. 15 minutes later I was spat back out on the interstate. The road had taken me a hour back toward Knoxville. I turned around and drove back. Two more hours wasted. And then I almost got off on the same exit again. Stupid fog.

Finally I got on the right road. I drove and I drove for what seemed like forever. Caffiene was no longer helping me. At the far side of Manchester I started to doze off. Fearing for my life I began slapping myself very hard across the face everytime I would start to nod off. Finally I got home at 6:00 AM Tullahoma time, 7:00 AM Knox time. I had doubled my trip.

So whats the moral of the story? You should drive unless you want to double the time of the trip.–>

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