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Tech Support December 18, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in General, Personal Favorites.

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Does anyone else end up playing tech support for the family?

*Disclaimer: the following is an exaggeration. Anything portrayed in the post is meant for the sake of comedy. Thank you.
“Hey, family. I’m home…”
“Oh, Eric. Glad you’re here. The computer isn’t working.”
“Um, Dad, it isn’t plugged in.”
“Now ya see, I told your mother that, but she wouldn’t listen…”
“Well that’s only because I thought it had enough power.”
“Without being plugged in?”
“Well, the printer’s plugged in, and the computer’s connected to the printer…”
“Well, that’s not a power cord. Okay, hand me the plug, Dad.”
“I don’t see it.”
“It’s right there.”
“I don’t think we have one.”
“It’s the thing with the prongs.”
“What, the mouse?”
“No, the thing that looks like a plug.”
“No, that’s a toaster. We need the plug.”
“This one?”
“No, that’s Mom.”
“Wait, where is it?”
“Right th- hang on… … …Okay, plug it in.”
“Okay, hang on. That should do it.”
“Why isn’t it turning on?”
“Let me see… Oh, here’s the problem. You plugged it into the toaster. Great. Now we can have toast while we stare at a blank screen.”



1. Justin - December 19, 2005

No never.

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