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The stories of coincidence December 31, 2005

Posted by eric22222 in Deep Thoughts, General.

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Pardon my 1337, but freeware is teh r0x0rz! Ahem. I’ve been surfing the net for a while, and I’ve come across some nice, high-quality games for free. It’s basically just some programs that were abandoned by the programmers, picked up by fans, fixed, up and redistributed for free. It’s like Christmas all over again!

So I was thinking the other day…

My favorite verse is probably Mark 4:22 (you’ll have to look it up yourself). Mainly because of interest in having all those mysteries unveiled… I think of it something like this:

Imagine your dog runs away when you’re in middle school. It caused you grief, and you always wonder why it had to happen. Finally, in heaven, you learn why:

Your friend’s dog died later in the year. Without any common ground, you wouldn’t have been able to help her through. Stresses out, she fails her next test and gets a B in the class, rather than the A she would have made. This difference of .0125 in her GPA actually pushes her under the edge of earning a scholarship, keeping her out of college.

The dog ran into the woods, eventually shedding his collar and tag. He was injured after falling down a hill, and limped to a nearby house. A pair of boys hiking in the woods found the collar and tag. They wore them as a trophy of their hike. This caught the attention of a few more kids at the school. The boys took them to wear they found the collar. They went a bit farther into the woods and were confronted by a wolf. An old man shot he wolf and took the kids back to his house. The began going to his house regularly, reading books and taking care of the dog he had found.

Two of the kids went on to start a veterenarian practice that ended up caring for your family’s sick dog when you were 40. One boy became a writer, inspired by the literature the man had collected over the years. The last boy ended up becoming president and making strides toward world peace, and though there was no direct cause and effect there, it still had to happen.

That’s the kind of stuff I imagine is going on all the time, right under our noses. We really just can’t tell when something happens, since we’re confined to seeing only what we can see…



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