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“Hey, I’m gonna flip now” January 17, 2006

Posted by eric22222 in General.

Currently listening to: “Open My Eyes” by Inhabited

Pictures are up. Check ’em out: Gulf Coast Getaway

Well… It’s increasingly unlikely that I’ll be going to Hong Kong this summer… After everyone’s been giving me guidebooks to Hong Kong and offering to introduce me to some people from there… Oh well. I’m sure God’s got something in mind. I’m not worried about it, it’s just the suspense that kills me!

It also seems that my keys have gained the ability to either become invisible or evaporate. The final decision on which one will require further investigation.

My platformer has hit a few snags, most prominently, I can’t put in sound effects. Background music is still working well, which is a plus. The more work I put into this, the more likely it seems it will be completed some day…

“What. You mean like the board game?”

Hey, now. I’ll have you know that I’ve put in a little bit of minor updates to small details of a low number of facets. But seriously, by the time this is finished, the board will probably be phased out. There just doesn’t seem to be a point to it. Looks like the rules will be simpler, though.

Moving along… Oh! Google Video has recently added a “download” feature to their fine piece of cyberspace. I’ve gotten all four Vintage21 videos and Baby Got Book. Everyone is required to click on the preceding link.

That video always cracks me up.

By the by, the CSC talent show is coming up this Friday! I won’t give out any spoilers, but I’ll tell you this much: I know what my act is going to be. I’m sure several of my readership has seen this hidden talent of mine. I have a habit of keeping my talents hidden until I know I need to blow everyone away with shock and surprise. Half the coolness is in the surprise. Someday, you’ll be in a conversation with me, and I’ll say, “hold that thought.” Then I’ll take a step back, do a backflip, and say, “you were saying?”

It wouldn’t be as awesome if I just said, “hey, I’m gonna flip now.”

Well, I meant to go to bed about half an hour ago, so… ‘night.



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