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Let the games begin! January 21, 2006

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Wow, last night was awesome! For those that don’t know, Friday was the opening ceremonies/first event of the first annual CSC decathlon! Everyone got to the CSC around 7:00. We had spent about an hour or so blowing up red, white, and blue balloons for the occasion. The CSC had never looked more patriotic. We walked down to the torchbearer to kick things off (for those that aren’t UT students, the torchbearer is a statue on campus that holds one of them eternal flames). We began the festivities by having Jesse (the CSC President) light our version of the Olympic torch (a broomstick with a shirt wrapped around one end (with a little gasoline)) from the torchbearer’s flame. We then ran back to the CSC. Now, I’m sure this all looked pretty strange to anyone who didn’t know what was going on… you know. Seeing a crowd of people (one of them in a gorilla suit) running across campus with a flaming broomstick… Oddly enough, we made it back to the CSC without any tailing cops. It was, however, quite a sight to see. We had been planning this for months. Seeing it all come to fruition was like watching… something… come to… fruition. Yeah. Still. This is probably one of the craziest things the CSC has ever done (though some members of the crowd ranked the day trip to Niagara Falls pretty high). When we got to the CSC, a few CSCers put out the torch (not symbolic of anything), and we all headed inside. The first thing for any Olympicesque event is the National Anthem. We were treated to quite the remix, courtesy of AnC and Sharadon. Following the song, we went into the talent show. Not so much a contest, since no points were awarded for winners… Nonetheless, there were many talents displayed. Audrey did a flip, Brent and Audrey displayed some swing moves, Zach sang “Danny Boy,” Adam created an animal sculpture from aluminum foil (the animal was named on the spot), Todd listed all the SuperBowl competitors and scores in order, and I played the soundtrack of the original Mario Brothers blindfolded on keyboard. Following the show, we got into the first event: the shoe game. Now, typically, the shoe game goes like this: you hold your shoe above your head. While looking at it, you spin around twenty times. The twentieth spin being reached, you throw your shoe to the ground and jump over it. That’s it. How would we have scored that? Exactly. We couldn’t have. Todd and I collaborated on setting some new rules. In the new game, after jumping the shoe, you have to run downstairs, through the basement, and up the other stairs. We timed from the first spin to landing on the couch. The usual times were between 40-60 seconds. The way we did things was you would make two runs, your best time being kept. For the first round, Audrey took the top spot in the thirties. In the second round, Matt surprised us all… after his first ten spins, he began spinning the other way! It was like nothing the CSC had seen before! I tried the same strategy for my second run and walked away with third. Here’s what I can remember of the standings:

  1. Audrey
  2. Brad
  3. Eric
  4. Um…?
  5. Adam (maybe)

If you have any information regarding the places, lemme know. Anyway, after the shoe game, Todd announced the next game as a billiards tournament, and the third game to be a chess tournament. I’ll have work up my billiards skills if I plan on entering… not to mention that the DDR match is coming up. Audrey and Brad are my main competition on that, too. Before going home, we also did a little foam-sword fighting. It was fun.

After getting back to the house, Jason and I got a little DDR practice in. Things are looking good for me…



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