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Figure 1a January 30, 2006

Posted by eric22222 in General.

Currently listening to: “Every Move I Make” by Out of Eden

Several people have informed me that the comments don’t work on this template… Usually, I’d get right on that. But it seems I have an architecture paper due tomorrow. I would’ve dropped this class, but it counts as a writing class, so it’ll still contribute to my new major. He wants us to write out evrey piece of information we use in our paper, then write it. Me? I’m gonna write it, then take notes on myself. That’s just the way I opperate. The comment fixing will have to wait. Here’s how things are working:



1. Justin - January 31, 2006

Comments don’t work?

2. Justin - January 31, 2006

Unless you fixed it already, the problem may lie somewhere between the chair and the keyboard.

3. Eric - January 31, 2006

Testing, 1 2 3…

4. Eric - January 31, 2006

Testing, 1 2 3…

5. Eric - January 31, 2006


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