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Return of the pudding pops February 3, 2006

Posted by eric22222 in Dreams, General.

Currently listening to: “All I Need” by Bethany Dillon

For those that don’t understand the title, it’s a Homestar Runner reference (see The Cartoon). I also used the title back when I was hosted by Tripod (see The Last Weird Dream I Posted).

I got up this morning for the 7 AM CSC breakfast. Without much work to do, I opted for a nap. I fell asleep in a somewhat uncomfortable chair, so I was very lightly asleep. As in, I couldn’t be sure whether or not I was awake. Anyway, the dream started then.

I recall Wednesday lunch being in progress. We were all in line, though it wasn’t in the CSC. It was poorly lit, possibly outside. And on the menu? Mom’s roast beef, mashed potatoes, green beans, and rolls. Lots of rolls. Sudden scene change. I was in the chair (the one I was actually in). I realized I had class at 1:25, so I checked my phone: 1 PM. Feeling pretty sad, I was about to leave for class, when I realized something: I was asleep.

Now, it’s a strange sensation to realize you’re asleep. You’ll either know you need to wake up and can’t, or you’ll want to stay asleep and can’t (application of Dobbs’s Law (next post, perhaps)). In the latter situation, there is a knack to staying asleep. If you ever realize you’re asleep, you have to quickly push that thought into the back of your head. If you dwell on it too long, you’ll wake up. If you succeed, you’ll have another problem: keeping yourself from forgetting. If you completely forget, you’ll lose the benefits of having realized your current state. There’s a very slim window to keep the thought in. If you do manage this, you have control over the reality you’re experiencing. Imagine haveing a good imagination. That is, good enough to actually experience what you imagine. That’s what it’s like.

Unfortunately, I was in the category of needing to wake up. It took me a while, but I finally mustered the strength to open my eyes. I faded into consciousness and realized my phone was not in front of me, but in my pocket. It was very odd to be holding it one second, then to be huddled into the corner of an uncofortable chair. I pulled out my phone to find it was only 9 AM. I went back to sleep.

Meawhile, in my dream, Brad showed up (we were back in the CSC). For those that don’t know Brad, he poses several questions to get to know you better. Par example, “If you could live in any time period, which would it be?” or “If you could have the ablity to fly, super strength, or invisibility, which would you chose?” This time, Brad showed up with actual items to chose from. He was in the kitchen, showing off “a ring that could make you invisible” to Matt. I could barely see them (not due to the invisibility; due to the wall obscuring them). I was thinking of joining them, but I was too tired. Around this time, I faded back into consciousness.

So… for conversation’s sake, anyone else ever realized they were dreaming?



1. Eric - February 3, 2006

So, as it turns out, there’s a name for dreams like that. Wikipedia has a nice article on them, and even a book on how to induce them: Lucid Dreams–>

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