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Dodged a bullet February 26, 2006

Posted by eric22222 in General.

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I had quite a hectic morning… Last night, I planned to get back from church and dive straight into my work. Most people are not familiar with a Sunday night deadline. To architecture students, it’s all too common. The usual purpose of such is to prevent students from staying up all night to finish what they have to present the next day. Summed up, you have to finish your work early enough to get some sleep. We had an eleven PM deadline tonight, but we don’t have a review tomorrow. Seems our professor forgot to get a review jury together. So what’s thepoint of the 11 PM deadline when there’s nothing to get up for in the morning? Simple: there is none. Still, it was due tonight.

When I woke up, I was moving through my normal routine. At about breakfastish, something hit me: the iCenter closes at 2 on Sundays. Basically, I had to finish my project by 2 PM instead of 11 since I had to print it all out. I worked through class this morning and even into service. I didn’t stop until I had my drawings in hand at 1:59. A close call indeed.

I’m at the CSC now, already exhausted. It was just alot of stress crammed into a really tiny window of time.

The DDR tournament went fairly well. I got second by a long shot in both directions. Brad and I had roughly the same scores, though his songs were all one step more difficult than mine. If Justin puts it up on his site, I might link to it.

No funny stories or witty observations right now. I do have a comic ready to post, but I’ll wait until an appropriate time to put it up.



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