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25% of my final grade February 28, 2006

Posted by eric22222 in General.

Currently listening to: “Open Skies” by David Crowder

Once again, several short, unrelated paragraphs of blog:

Yeah, I had a midterm today that, despite my studying, didn’t go to well. I’m hoping for better than a 50, but passing is unlikely. The good news? No eternal consequences.

I have to go on a field trip tomorrow… Why? To expand my architectural horizons. Oh wait… I’m not going into architecture! Nonetheless, because of the strange rules of the land, I’m stuck on this trip for four days doing architecture stuff.

I have some big, BIG plans coming up. Not gonna tell you what they are, but anyone at the CSC will look back afterwards and say, “oh, I saw that coming a mile away.”

I’ve really been enjoying my new video game. Maplestory was worth every penny. I say this facetiously, of course, since it’s free. Woot.

Adam and I have decided to wait on making the game we’ve been planning. It’s just too big for our first try. We will instead be making a fairly short, yet fun, action/puzzle game involving experimental magnet technology. It looks like it’ll be fun to make. I’ll keep you updated, I guess.

It was much warmer today. Feeling alot like spring. Hoorah.



1. Tammy - February 28, 2006

May I please have your autograph now so I can avoid the lines in the near future when you are the new Bill Gates! Seriously, man you are so smart and talented and nice and funny and, well, cool. I hope you know that. Well now that i’ve embarrassed myself, I think I’ll leave it at that.

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