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I am not a robot! March 17, 2006

Posted by eric22222 in General.

Currently listening to: “Walkin’ That Line” by Acapella

Quick side note: I always put up the title last. Looking at it, I imagine Richard Nixon saying it for me. You know. Oh, sorry; guess we’ll get on to what I wrote:

Strange thing just happened… While starting to write this post, I noticed something a little unusual. I’m sure most users of Blogger are a little weary of word verification. As helpful as it is in the long run, it’s just annoying. Especially when you fail. The strange thing is that there’s a word verification right next to my “Publish” button. Why? Well, I did a little sleuthing. Apparently, my blog has been labeled as a spam blog. “But Eric, I’m fairly certain this isn’t a spam blog and that you aren’t a robot.” Well reader, you’d be absolutely right. I’m not a robot. From what I can tell, the only reason they have me marked as such is because of all the links I have (see right of page). In fact, let me count ’em real quick… 15 friends’ blogs and 6 links to my other sites. Doesn’t look like spam to me, though. I’ve sent an e-mail up Blogger’s way. You shouldn’t notice anything odd about the site; it’s only hindering my posting speed.

Zach and I went to Winter Jam. It was by far an awesome concert. Newsong opened up followed by Hawk Nelson and ZOEgirl. After an intermission, Toby Mac played some very loud and flashy songs (one singer did a backflip). The Newsboys closed things out with some of my favorite songs: “Shine,” “Entertaining Angels,” etc. Oh, and the drummer was on a big round platform. It was raised into the air, rotated perpendicular to the ground, then spun around like that big wheel on The Price is Right. He even kept playing while spinning. Pretty awesome. Too bad the concert was scheduled the exact same day that spring break started. Maybe Zach and I could’ve had company.



1. Tammy - March 18, 2006

Sounds very very cool. I love concerts! I’ve only been to a few but they are fun. I did notice all the robot things around. I don’t know how affective it is as far as keeping spammers out, but ok…

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