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“It’s for a class” March 28, 2006

Posted by eric22222 in General.

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Perhaps the most common on-campus excuse is just that: “it’s for a class.” Anyone can do just about anything with this authoritative sheild from punishment. Why, just the other night Jason came in and said “Dobbs, if you’re wondering why there’s a board of wood in the bathtub, it’s for a class.” Well, I’m gonna use that excuse right now.

Jesse saw a video online of what happens when… I mean, Jesse witnessed an experiment which he attempted to replicate. Last night, Redbud Manor was treated to quite a light show. Apparently, the fourth state of matter can be produced in a microwave. By putting fire in a microwave, you can create plasma.

Here’s some pictures:

And a short video can be found here.

Glad I had my camera…



1. Tammy - March 29, 2006

Um…how safe was that? Scary.

2. The Matt Luc - March 29, 2006

I guys are my heros! HOORAY FOR REDBUD!!!

3. Tammy - March 29, 2006

^ That’s even more frightening.

4. Justin - March 30, 2006

If your microwave is still working, you should try this out.

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