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Exploiting the System April 11, 2006

Posted by eric22222 in General.

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Andy was trying to find out where I got my RPG software. I didn't remember myself, so I did some searching. I finally found it, but was confronted with some terrible, terrible news: it's only a trial version. Yes, within the next month, I'll no longer have the program unless I'm willing to cough up sixty bucks. It's not worth that much in my opinion, though. I do have a back-up plan: Matt has the previous version of this on his computer. It's a little different, but I should be able to learn it. ?He has alot more experience with this one, so maybe he can help ;). I'll just transfer all the graphics that came with the program to his computer. I spent alot of time making those pixely couches…

You know those horrible architecture papers I mentioned earlier? Well, I've got one due today. Along with a religious studies paper. Luckily, our RS professor drops the lowest two papers from our grade. I plan on taking a zero on this paper. I'm averaging a ninety-seven now, so I think I'm safe. The architecture paper is out of the way, so I can focus on studio work… maybe.



1. The Matt Luc - April 11, 2006

No no no… I HAVE RPG Maker XP on my computer… In fact, it is an ENHANCED version of what you have, with a working help file. I also have the RPG Maker 2003 (the previous version) on my computer. Rest easy, friend, your project will continue without delay!

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