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Costly printing and slideshow April 20, 2006

Posted by eric22222 in General.

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On Sunday, the CSC had its semi-annual (or semesteral) communion dinner. In lieu of our normal Sunday night service, we gather for a big meal while singing songs, etc. This year, we had the CSF (Christian Student Fellowship) join us for dinner. I had only been there once, last year when everyone was at Gulf Coast Getaway. Zach and I had projects to finish, so we had stayed behind. Since there was no CSC service, we checked out the CSF. Instruments aside, it’s practically the same.

Anyway, everyone who came got a free gift from the CSC: The Case for Easter by Lee Strobel. It’s basically a look at all the scientific evidence surrounding the resurrection. It looks at it in three parts: did Jesus really die, was His body really gone, and was He really seen afterwards. It’s got some great info. I liked it. Really thin book, but chock-full of good stuffs.

Well, last night we voted for the new CSC president. Looks like I’ll be in charge of the 2006-07 year. Not that much of an accomplishment, though. All but two canidates declined nomination. Adam Bowen got vice pres, so… there you go.

Moving on to today… Final architecture projects were due! Ack! I woke up and got to work on my computer. When Zach was ready to go, I had him drop me off at the architecture building. I worked straight through lunch, not moving from my desk. I left once; I had class. Right after that, I finished up everything and printed out my drawings. Forty dollars. Ouch. But now I’m at the CSC so everythings good! AnC made cinamon rolls, so that’ll hold me ’til dinner. It was kinda weird, this has been the first day in a while that I didn’t start things off at the CSC… just didn’t feel right.

I may not have mentioned, but I’m doing the end of year slideshow for the CSC. It’s been really fun to do! Being able to see all the things we’ve done this year, then setting it to music. There’s those few really funny pictures that everyone remembers, then there’s those few really funny pictures that nobody remembers. Those are going to get huge laughs. I’m sure when I’m done it’ll be somewhere online. Probably the CSC website. We’ll see what happens. Just a heads up, this is the coolest movie ever!!!!1one



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