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Busy day April 30, 2006

Posted by eric22222 in General.

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I did a lot today. Some things were quite expected. Others not so much.

I got up and ready and headed for the Foundry, the restaurant where the CSC Spring Banquet was being held. The food was good and the slides went together fairly well. I got a big ole' trophy for winning the decathlon, and the slideshow went over pretty well, I think. After all that, I went back to the CSC and got changed. People started trickling in over the next hour or so. Eventually, we went out on the front lawn and did a bit of handstanding and whatnot. A little later, Shannon, Brad, and I went for a walk. Those that are up to date on the latest CSC gossip know the significance of this group of three.

We headed down to a creek on the other side of the Hill. Pretty close to the engineering building. We went down several stairs to a place I had never seen before. At the bottom of these stairs, the towering campus buildings disappeared from sight. Trees surrounded us, accompanied by kudzu and vines. The three of us walked over an old path: grass growing from between the worn stones and moss growing in patches. We crossed an old wooden bridge over a small stream and took a right. After heading down the road a few feet, we headed into the trees and shrubs, climbing down a dirt hill to the creek below. About halfway down was a fallen tree, bridging the creek. We climbed across and all sat down right in the middle. We talked for at least an hour. I occasionally forgot we were in a city at all, but was quickly reminded by the music blaring from World's Fair Park. Eventually we headed back to the hill. Brad passed a bit more time rolling down the hill a few times. While that was going on, Shannon and I had a much-needed long talk. Our friendship has been awfully awkward for some time now. Probably since right after I got back from DC. It may have been two hours that we spent talking, though it doesn't seem long enough… There's still a bit of weirdness between us, but I'm still really happy we got to have that conversation. I feel pretty bad though: as a result of the situation, she probably feels much worse than Brad and myself have through this mess…

I think I made one good statement during the whole thing: You know those movies with the one guy as the protagonist, and then there's that main female character who's going out with the captain of the football team (and he's a jerk)? Everyone knows what's supposed to happen in that kinda story. But what happens when you replace the jerk with a perfectly respectable and friendly guy who you're really good friends with? 



1. Tammy - April 30, 2006

I think I missed something here, but that’s ok. I hope things get better for you and everyone involved.
“You wait and see when the smoke clears.
You live, you learn. You love, you learn. you cry, you learn. you lose, you learn. you bleed, you learn. you scream, you learn.” Alanis Morissette
But though it all it all, you’ll live.

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