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Best song ever May 4, 2006

Posted by eric22222 in Deep Thoughts, General.

Currently listening to: “Questions for Heaven” by Chris Rice

This song is so awesome… It’s been my favorite this year. The style is a little weird, but it grows on you. But all you get is the lyrics:

Feel the sun in my eyes
Swat that clumsy fly
Woke me up from a dream about Heaven
Smellin’ coffee downstairs
Yawn a quick little prayer
And get up at a quarter to seven

Mirror catches my stare
Got some nice pillow hair
And I smile all the way to the bathroom
Scratch my whiskery chin
Now my cranium swims
With questions I can’t wait to ask You

…Like why did You bother with so many stars?
Do You ever play tricks on the angels?
And what happened to all of those dinosaurs?
Where’s the Garden of Eden?
And what causes de ja vu?

I guess in Heaven I’ll learn
I’ll be waiting my turn
To ask about quasars and feathers
I hope the line isn’t long
I hope Your patience is strong
It’s a good thing forever’s forever

Do our jokes make You laugh?
What’s Your favorite cartoon?
Can you tell me what’s out past the edges?
And what about UFOs, taste buds, and tornados?
Why do we dream?
Oh, and what causes de ja vu?

Time to call it a day
Time to turn off my brain
It’s already half past eleven
Reach to turn out the light
And close my sleepy eyes
And save up the questions for Heaven
I’ll save all the questions for Heaven
I’m saving up questions for Heaven

So here I am, in a familiar situation. I’ve got something on my heart, no one else is talking, the timing is fine, but I can’t seem to get up the courage to say a thing. What is it about me? Why can’t I just jump out there and take a risk? It’s so… frustrating! It’s like being trapped behind my own eyes. I see everything going on. I’m banging on the lens, screaming at the top of my mind, but my mouth stays shut. No one around sees anything going on behind my expressionless face. But once in a while, my body fails. As uncomfortable as it makes me, I love it when I fail to hide that I have something to say. That’s when I’m forced to say something. No way around it. But these occurances are so rare! Is this how I going to live my life? No. No I’m not. I’m going to do it on my own this time. I’m going to take the chance and speak out.

*deep breath*



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