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Screen shots May 25, 2006

Posted by eric22222 in Game Development, General.

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Before church today, I went down to the playground for some laser tag with Brennan and some other kids from church. It was a whole lot of fun. The subject of my game came up, and me suggested I post some screen shots:


I got to lead singing at church that night. It reminded me of how much easier song leading is when there’s 40 people as opposed to a few hundred… I guess it’s that small amount of time it takes for the sound to travel. The congregation always ends up singing so much more slowly than it should go… Oh well.

Expect my game by the end of the week!



1. Bren Hughes - May 25, 2006

That’s cool, Eric. Thanks for the screenshots. Are you going to upload this puppy to one of those homemade video game sites so we can all play it? And what’s the object of the game? Does it contain anagrams? When you make it to the end, is there an animation where you get to marry the game designer (not too many games out there for the ladies — an untapped demographic)?

2. Eric - May 25, 2006

Let’s see… Yes; you’ll see; er… no; why would I marry a robot?

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