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Another video June 16, 2006

Posted by eric22222 in General, Malaysia.

Currently humming: “The Power Of Your Love” by Lincoln Brewster

Currently, rain is being poured down on Kuala Lumpur accompanied by thunder with a magnitude possessing, and excercising, the ability to set off car alarms. We’re all hanging out at the church building deciding on our next destination. I for one am glad to finally get some down time. No mountains to hike, no sights to see, just sitting around and resting.

I understand there may have been some confusion on the purpose of the last video. That was just mainly to determine whether I could use Google Video for sharing our travels. It takes a while to upload, but now that we know it works, expect more videos. Speaking of which, check out our second video.

I know alot of you guys have Google Earth, the free software that lets you look at satelitte imagery from around the world. Copy and paste any of these coordinates into the search box to see some of the stuff we’ve seen and done

Wangsa Maju Church of Christ (where we’ll be working/sleeping): 3.20189133535, 101.731540737
Petronas Towers (location of video 2): 3.15785580076, 101.711500087
The rocks we climbed in Penang: 5.48124916876, 100.254006221



1. Jon - June 16, 2006

I am glad you are posting video’s. I miss you guys less when i can see that you all are doing alright. Have fun! Be careful!

2. alicia - June 17, 2006

video updates rock! it makes us back home miss you a little less…enjoy the last couple days of free time…and get excited! we love you guys!

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