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Frozen Chocolate Milk July 6, 2006

Posted by eric22222 in General, Malaysia, Personal Favorites.

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For those that don’t know, the Wangsa Maju Church of Christ is located two floors above a 7-11. Quite convenient if we ever want a snack. Anyway, last night I bought a half liter of chocolate milk (or susu coklat for you readers that know Bahasa Malay). I also got a slushy since Mer had been going on about how much she likes the slushies here. I ate/drank the slushy when we got upstairs. This pretty much satisfied my thirst for the night, so I decided to save the chocolate milk. I was about to put it in the refrigerator, but it didn’t feel very cold. I wanted some refreshing chocolate milk in the morning. I made the executive decision to put it in the freezer.

One reader and one sleep later, I retrieved my chilled treat from the near-empty freezer. It was about then that I realized I had a carton containing a carton-shaped block of chocolate ice milk. I left it on my reading table for a few hours, but to no avail; the air-con kept the church at a comfortable, but inconvenient, twenty degrees Celsius. It was then I decided I’d just go for it. I was thirsty. I opened the carton. There was nothing but brown ice in my limited view of the contents. I hoisted the milk to my lips as I normally would. I managed to get two to three sips of susu before depleting the supply. I tried to breath warm air into the box, but it didn’t accomplish much.

It was about then that I realized how much I like chocolate milk. I was really thirsty. I had a chocolate craving. I needed it. But it seemed like a lost cause. The air-con seemed to be affecting the temperature much more than my breath. Trying for another taste, I found that the ratio of liquid to solid milk was still at zero.

And this is where we find Eric. At this moment in time, I’m looking longingly at the chocolate milk. I really, really want it. I mean, I had no idea I liked chocolate milk that much. But those few sips told me exactly how tasty this milk is. And I can’t even drink it. So how will the story end? Will I ever get another taste from teh ch0c0l4te milk? Or am I doomed to stare at a block of frozen deliciousness? Well, my friends, this story is still being told. Only time will tell if I will finally have that which I pine for.

Oh sure, there’s a whole freezer-full of chocolate milk in the 7-11, but this one is different. How? I’ve already tasted this one. Just from the interaction, this milk and I have a bond that passes the barrier of different cultures, different cows. I can’t just forget about this milk. Not until someone drinks it. If someone comes along who is able to drink solid milk, so be it. They will finish the milk, and I will be free to go downstairs and get a new box, hoping for a taste that comes close to the amazing flavor of this carton. But I hope that I will be the one that drinks this milk, that I will be reunited with it’s unparalleled taste. So now we wait, all of us, awaiting the end of the tale. We can only hope the story has a happy ending.



1. heather - July 6, 2006

Lol….this story cracked me up. Hope it all worked out for you. I miss you all so much! Please know that you are in my prayers. Can’t wait to see you again.

2. tammy - July 6, 2006

Oh man! That stinks! Frozen milk is hard to get over but you can do it. Try setting it outside. Only you would have some kind of “bond that passes the barrier of different cultures, different cows.” with milk! I love ya for it too! Don’t worry, you’ll get over this milk and you’ll go on to drink another milk. It only looks hopeless now, but there are other milks in the sea of cows. Yeah…I’m done.

3. Robit - July 16, 2006

Hey you talk about slushies, why don’t you simply cut the block of chocolate milk in pieces, put them in the mixer, and voilà: A chocolate Milk Slushy, put it longer in the mixer and you’ll get some kind of milk shake!!!! Think about it. Good luck Champ you can do it !!!

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