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Updates from Malaysia July 14, 2006

Posted by eric22222 in General, Malaysia, Photoshop.

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Oh wow… Over the past few days, I was swamped with hits here. You guys ate that post up! I’ve been keeping track of my hits dating back to the end of May, and this was my highest ranking post in the recorded history of my blog.

We’re celebrating our fifteenth video, or rather, I’m drinking a nice chocolate milk in honor of having enough patience to wait for Google Video to load a minute-long clip fifteen times.

Brad has been coming up with several little tunes while we’ve been here. I was first to enter the market with the Team-Malaysia-Adamo Theme Song. Not long after, Brad presented the song to Esther 4:16, which has been our team verse of sorts.

Recently, Brad decided to tell us what kind of TV show each of us would have, if we had to have a TV show. Meredith wound up with the most memorable: an educational show in which she travels back in time to learn about history. Meredith Martin: Time Traveler has become stuck in our minds due to the catchy theme song. I’ll sing it for you when I get back. I’ve also Photoshopped the title screen, but I’ll save that for next time, assuming I don’t forget.

I actually have gotten do quite a few quick photoshop projects here. Malaysians don’t have quite the same idea of “on time” that we do. I’ve found that it’s best to be working on something while waiting for fifteen to thirty minutes. That way you’re fresh for the session. It’s just, “oh, time for my next session.” I’d like to do something more productive, but I can only make so many spreadsheets of the schedule, make so many party invitations, or do so many questions of Sunday’s homework. I’ll just have to settle for giving the team a good laugh.

Anyway, here’s our current status:


If you don’t understand this one, don’t worry. It’s a video game thing. I have gamers in my readership, too…

Click for full size!



1. Jon - July 16, 2006

oh eric…i just had a super cool idea! if you haven’t already….you should check out http://googleidol.com/

I would love to see you guys put together a music video and submit it………………….from Malaysia….muahahaaha………..ha

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