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By popular demand… July 25, 2006

Posted by eric22222 in General, Malaysia.

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Today, in accordance with my usual custom, I checked the statistics of my blog (I like making graphs, OK?). I noticed that the number of views coming from Mission: Malaysia had jumped from the normal five or six to a startling twenty-three. I decided I should to investigate. Checking the team blog, I found that Meredith had posted about the very eventful Sunday we had. I assume there are twenty-three people out there who figured I would be posting on the happenings from my point of view. So consider this post to be a response.

Wei Long (aka “James”) is definately one of my favorite readers. I guess there’s something to like about all my readers, and Wei Long is no exception. His English was very good, even at the beginning of the trip. When I met him, I assumed he was a member of the church. Everyone knew him, and he seemed very comfortable at the church. I was fairly surprised when I learned he had not yet been baptized. He had been studying with some of the church leaders for a few months, from what I understand.

It was great to hear that he was being baptized on Sunday. After church, we all went to an apartment’s swimming pool. We sang some songs while waiting for “Gan the Baptist.”

Wei Long

Here’s a picture of everyone who came to the baptism, including Wei Long at my left.



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