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Back from Malaysia July 31, 2006

Posted by eric22222 in Background, General, Malaysia, Photoshop.

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Hello, all! I’m back in America! I guess the first order of business is to reset my circadian clock. It’s 7:55 AM here in central time, but 8:55 PM in Kuala Lumpur. I’m doing my best to trick myself into thinking it’s morning, which it is. I had a tough time adding up whether I should try to sleep my way into central time or stay up as long as possible. I decided to stay up by watching some movies (“V For Vendetta” is pretty good). I also tried to make a list of all the gifts I got and who gave them to me. Much harder than I thought it’d be. Next I tried to a little sketching. It was going good for a while, but then I dropped Loraine’s pencil during a bit of turbulence. I don’t like doing ink drawings as much. It’s much harder to shade.

I’ll have more reports from Malaysia (including pictures) when I’m not so jet-lagged.

My mom has informed me that they’re having some trouble getting the Garth Brooks thing worked out. I’m not sure if he’s trying to cancel or what. More updates as I get ’em.

I’m resolving to put more substance into my posts, whether it be links to cool stuff, photoshop projects, or other good stuff. I have this feeling that my site has become more of a simple online journal. Granted, that’s how it started, but I think there was a golden age of my blog where I would post some pretty cool stuff. So here’s the beginning of a new era for Eric Online.

You may remember us talking about “Meredith Martin: Time Traveler,” Meredith’s hypothetical TV show where she travels through time to learn about history. Well, here’s the main title screen, perfectly sized for your desktop background!

1024 x 768:

1200 x 800:


And here’s the lyrics to the theme song, written by our own Brad:

When no one knows what histroy tells
When evil guys their lies try to sell
There is a girl with a secret machine
Who travels to places we’ve never been

It’s Meredith Martin: Time Traveler!
With her the past is never a bore.
Meredith Martin: Time Traveler!
She’ll find the truth, that’s for sure.

Professor McGraw-Hill locked it away
She keeps it hidden, but in a day
she will adventure to times long ago
And all the great happ’nings of time she will show.

It’s Meredith Martin: Time Traveler!
With her the past is never a bore.
Meredith Martin: Time Traveler!
She’ll find the truth, that’s for sure.
She’ll find the truth, that’s for sure!



1. AnCharlene - August 1, 2006

Ah-ha ha ha ha!!! That’s hilarious, yet so fitting. So, speaking of time travel . . . I just happened to look at my blog today and I said to myself, “Self, you should look at your first post . . . ever.” So, I did . . . and lo and behold there’s like this message from you . . . that I don’t recall seeing before. But it’s like over a year old. Anyway, you told me to leave ya a comment if I ever found it. So, here it is. Hmmm.

2. zach - August 2, 2006

I know

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