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Sumner County Fair August 4, 2006

Posted by eric22222 in General.

Currently not listening to music. For the first time since I started that last acrostic… hmm, how peculiar… (wink wink, nudge nudge, say n’ more)

Tonight was the annual Sumner County Fair. It lasts for a few days, but this particular night was the Fairest of the Fair beauty pageant. My sister’s been in it nearly every year since she was born, and this year was no exception. Nothing is able to keep her from the runway. Last year it was a broken leg, and now her current condition. I must say, it did make for an interesting day.

We started by heading for the children’s hospital near Vanderbilt. I got to meet all her nurses and doctors, which seem like really nice folks. Ashley feels very comfortable around them, so I think she’s in capable hands. She was going to be having a spinal tap today, but she was too dehydrated, so they just tried to get some fluids in her. Mom and I ran across the street to bring some lunch back to her. There was an Indian restaurant across the street (what?) where we got naan four (garlic, kema, chicken and plain) and capati one (don’t give me that look…). It’s the only food she’s been able to keep down since I’ve been back. Proof that Indian bread is the best ever.

Afterwards, we headed to the mall to get her makeup done. I took on the role of the fair maiden’s steed by piggy-backing her through the mall. She lounged in a chair for maybe half an hour while getting all the makeuppy stuff. We went down the mall a bit to where her friend worked so we could show off her makeup (by this point I’m getting tired from carrying her). We took her back through the mall and got her to the car (good exercise).

That night was the pageant. I met up with a group from our church to watch the festivities. Here’s some pictures:



Just so you know, she got 2nd runner-up out of 35 girls. Then she rode the swinging ship ride twice.

I’ve got more things to post, but I this post is getting long, and it’s getting late, so I’ll continue in my next post. ‘Til next time, my friends.



1. eric2222wordpresss22.@com - August 5, 2006

thanks for everything eric you can stay at my house anytime you want. you too shannnon and call my celll whenever. i know itll make u feel better/.-ashley

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