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Forced Seperation August 6, 2006

Posted by eric22222 in General.

Currently still not listening to music (see below).

It’s quite sad, but I must say goodbye to my laptop for a while. The D:/ drive has not been working for some time now, so it’s off to whatever place they send broken laptops for two to three weeks. Luckily, it’s still under warranty. Let’s all hope for the best.

So I told you I had more to say in my last post, and now you all have to listen. Seems for some time now, my home church, the Hartsville Pike Church of Christ, has had a… um… website, if you can call it that. I would advise the faint of heart to skip the link, but for those of strong constitution, you may view it here. Ouch. My eyes are bleeding. I’ve been wanting to do something, anything, with that site for a while, but am still lacking in the webpage design department. (This here blog is a template courtesy of the fine folks at wordpress.com).

At the fair, Jeremy (the youth minister) and I got to talking and ended up discussing the website. He says he may be able to pull a few strings and set me up as an administrator. Apparently he has Macromedia Dreamweaver. I have a tiny amount of experience with it, but he’s going to let me fool around with it. Once I learn the software, I should be able to put my computer skills to work. Nice to know that there’s a ministry that everyone can contribute to. This is a skill I love using in anyway I can. I got to teach one of the Malaysian college students how to use PowerPoint. I’ll jump at the opportunity to… do… technology stuff… for others. Yeah, that sentence just blew up in my face. I’m gonna go do some other stuff.



1. crittermer - August 6, 2006

If I were you, I’d keep it somewhat of a secret that you like to help people in technology-related ares.=) That seems to be one gift people aren’t afraid to take advantage of. Isn’t that right, Cuff Daddy?

2. The Matt Luc - August 6, 2006

Hey I think I made that site, like, 10 years ago… No? Oh, I thought it was a ghost of my past creeping up to haunt me…

3. tammy - August 6, 2006

I’m afraid the WestEast land website isn’t much better than yours. This thing won’t let me link it to you, but if you want it just go to my blog. I’m glad your sister can still do the things she loves to do and I hope she will continue to get well. Call me soon, we should do something with Ancharelene before you guys leave me again. 😦

4. Justin - August 7, 2006

You want to help out with Technology eh? We sure could use some more people to learn MediaShout. Also, since I’ve been involved with other things at church and less with the CSC, the CSC Website could use a new webmaster. I’ve been involved with than since the late 90’s so its definitely time for somebody to take over that.

5. Lisa Bryant - October 15, 2008

yikes eric, it’s been two years since you wrote this, and the website you spoke of is still stuck in the ’90s. i suggest you move the site over to wordpress. i’ve seen some churches use a blogging site for their church website and it works. not perfect, but nice.

6. eric22222 - October 15, 2008

If only I could. They never ended up letting me do anything to the website, so I’m afraid it’ll be stuck that way indefinitely. I’m sure within even one afternoon’s time I could improve the website if they’d give me the opportunity.

Now that I’m living in Knoxville, I’ve managed to find a place to put some of my skills to use. The Laurel Church of Christ ( http://laurelcc.org/ ) is much more “in touch” with technology, so this story has a happy ending of sorts, at least for me.

Thanks for the comment, Lisa!

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