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Redbud’s 80’s party August 25, 2006

Posted by eric22222 in General, Pictures.

Currently listening to: “Strong Tower” by Kutless

I’ve been to all my classes except for the computer science lab. Things are looking pretty good for this semester. Seems this year’s freshmen class has several gamers. I may be getting to share a few hours per week playing against the new guys (and the old guys). I guess video games could be a form of outreach, right?

Next item of business: MyPhotoAlbum. Don’t trust it. They have all these promises of free sign-ups and unlimited photo uploads, but they don’t tell you that you have to buy something each year to keep your membership. Seems my album will be deleted in two days. But that’s alright since I keep them all on my computer anyway. Lucky for you guys (and me), WordPress offers free image uploads. Hence, I’ve attached the pictures from last night’s 80’s party to this post. But to keep from filling the home page with pictures, you’ll need to see this post in its entirety. Just click the link below the picture of me.

Adam and I had to be different, of course, so we went for 1880’s. The century was never specified in the e-mails. ^_^

Link to the pictures! 



1. jon sharp - August 26, 2006

i am not sure if UT still does this…but each student is given a certain amount of personal web space. perhaps you could use that in conjunction with a program such as Gallery to host your pictures.

2. tammy - August 26, 2006

You all are having so much fun without me! I acctually think I’ve still got some clothes from the 1980’s in my closet somewhere. Not that I could ware them still.

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