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A Packed Day September 9, 2006

Posted by eric22222 in General.

Currently listening to: “Undone” by Sara Groves

Today has been a very productive day! Even with all the stuff I did, I had plenty of time to, well, take some time off. I was thinking of reciting my whole day to you, but I don’t think that would be very interesting. But I will tell you that I managed to do most of my homework, buy about 12 meals worth of food (not counting breakfast), finish updating the Malaysia slideshow for tomorrow’s presentation to Laurel, take Mike to Maryville, get lost on my way back from Maryville, do laundry, cook dinner, practice piano, play some DDR, watch some of Sketches of Frank Gehry, clean out my inbox, and organize some of my appointments and notes. Hooray!

Last night I noticed how bright the moon is out on Redbud. Since we’re away from the main city, we get some great moonlight. It was really nice out, but I didn’t get any picture, sorry.

One thing I’ve been running through my head over the past few days is a new semi-weekly event for the CSC. On the Sunday night of Boomsday, we all headed back to the CSC after the fireworks. Matt and I were some of the first ones back, so we set on the front porch and sang some songs. As people trickled back to the CSC, some joined us on the porch. Before we knew it, there were about fifteen people sitting and singing. We noticed that the people passing the CSC would slow down for a second as they passed, listening to us. It became apparent that we should organize something like this as a regular event. The problem I’ve been facing is that there’s a CSC event nearly every night. My current idea is getting together every Friday that there isn’t a devo or other activity. I think that’s around one half of the Fridays. If anyone has any input, please, please let me know.



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