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A Present For You September 11, 2006

Posted by eric22222 in Background, General, Photoshop.

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You have no idea how lucky you are. Today, you have come to a blog, perhaps with the intention of wasting time, or maybe of seeing what’s going on with me. Little did you know, however, that you would stumble upon the greatest Ericcomplishment to date. Maybe I’m giving it too much credit, of course; after all, I only recently finished and am still on the high of completion. Nonetheless, it is amazing.

It was two nights ago that I got this idea. I scrambled out of bed and wrote it down. The next day I got to work. Photoshop does take up alot of memory though, so I was finding myself having to shut it down often. I fought my way through several frozen screens and error messages. After two days of work, I arrived at the end. The final piece of the puzzle was put into place, and the finishing touches were added. Now it’s done.

The best part, you may ask? Well, the fruits of this project are being passed on to you, the readers.Today, I have finished the coolest desktop background ever. In two different sizes of course. Just click the link below to see (and subsequently save) the image. Don’t be deceived by the simple look of the background. Once you see it in full, you’ll find more detail than you may have thought present.







1. Doyle Farris - September 13, 2006

Love the background! Keep up the great work!
God bless,
doyle farris

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