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A Bit Of Progress September 14, 2006

Posted by eric22222 in General.

Currently listening to: “All I Want” by Jeff Dayo

You know, I’m actually feeling pretty good right now. Over the past [time], I’ve felt like I’ve been harboring some ill feelings toward a friend of mine without any real justification. I’ve been trying to just avoid contact with said person for a while, just to avoid having to talk with them. I was feeling uncomfortable anytime I was around them, and I wasn’t sure why. But I’ve been praying about it for [time], and I think I’ve finally gotten an answer. If I’m uncomfortable with, let’s say… water, I’m going to have a tough day every time it rains, and I’ll probably stink from a lack of showers. The only way around it is to get comfortable around water. I don’t need to go on a oceanic swim anytime soon, but it’ll make rainy days a little easier.

Meredith has recently put up a rather clever post which hits close to home. I’m looking forward to the next two installments.

The weekend is almost here, which means a break from my $0.65 per meal budget that I seem to have adopted for the weekdays. Tomorrow night is a devo, and a couple from church is hosting the CSC in their home. There’s even going to be a free dinner! Hoorah! Jason will be sharing some devo-esque thoughts, and Zach will be leading song (though by then he’ll have gone 36 hours without sleep, so he may need some help). Saturday is the Florida game, so we’ll be having a cookout at the CSC. That night just before the game, we’re going to be collecting money for the Tim Kerin Fund Drive, paying to feed the hungry.

Hope everyone’s having a good week. Keep it up; weekend’s coming!



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