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Self Persuasion September 22, 2006

Posted by eric22222 in Deep Thoughts, General.

Today I finished reading The Color of Magic by Terry Pratchett, which I bought two days ago. It was a pretty funny book, right down the same alley as The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Funny, yet awesome.

On the car ride home today, this single idea popped into my head: I must not be very persuasive. I’ve got the entire plan of God spelled out in a travel-size paperback, but I still have the hardest time believing that God will bring me through whatever trial I’m going through. I tell myself over and over about the ways He’s saved me in the past, but I’m always caught by surprise when He rescues me again. As soon as I got inside, I started typing away like I had a term paper due. I really wanted to make sure I got this idea written down. Slowly, it began to take on verses and rhymes, and before I knew it, bam! Poem. Just like that. So here it is: my thirty minute poem:

Another struggle along life’s road,
Another burden to my load.
The trials are coming from every side
So I remind myself of the One who died.
I recite to myself the Easter story
And all His majesty and glory.
I tell myself it’ll all be fine
But I’m not very persuasive.

I know the things He’s planned for me,
And how this life is passing.
But as many times I’m saved by Him
I always wind up asking:
“Will He really rescue me again
from my sorrows and my worries?
This millionth time, I just don’t know.
The outcome seems so blurry.”

Again the trial comes full force
Following along its usual course:
Surprise and fear, worry, despair,
Retaliation, hope, and fervent prayer.
I ask for strength to get out alive,
That through the struggle, I’ll survive.
I tell myself I’ll make it through
But I’m not very persuasive.

I know that every time I’ve thought
A trial would be the last,
I’ve made it out alive – and more
When all the worry’d passed.
“Again, God’s given me greater strength
through all I’ve had to endure.”
But yet again, will He deliver?
I just can’t be too sure.

As every time, the trial is done.
The battle’s o’er, the vict’ry’s won.
I think of Him chuckling, if ever He does,
Saying “I told you so,” with a tone of love.
The same each time as I look back o’er it all:
I always get up after every fall.
And I tell myself “next time I won’t fret”
But I’m not very persuasive.



1. zach - September 22, 2006

I am persuaded to say AMEN!

2. joe - September 22, 2006

holy ++++! this is your old nintendo buddy from freshman year of GHS and boyscouts. i would play your games but we have dial up. any idea what ethans up to these days? i found you and casey on myspace. ha!

3. ashley - September 23, 2006

eric youre so motavational.

4. joe - September 24, 2006

have you ever come across this site? http://www.mother3.org

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