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Just a post September 25, 2006

Posted by eric22222 in General.

Currently listening to: “In The Light” by DC Talk

Hmm, I guess I should update this thing… There’s a few things I’ve been meaning to post on, but it seems they always slip my mind when I actually typing up a post. One thing that comes to mind is the reaction I got from my “$0.65 per meal” comment. Seems that was taken as a “help me, I’m hungry” kind of thing… Not that I mind it was taken that way; my grandparents sent me some money for groceries (thanks, grandparents!). To be more detailed, I find much more convenience in making macaroni or Spaghettios than I do in grilling a steak. Seems I’m not hungry so much as lazy. Regardless, I’ll be picking up chicken breasts and Dale’s sauce during my next grocery trip. Maybe I can save time by cooking them all at once. You know, store up the leftovers for winter. Like a squirrel.

Classes are all going well, as far as I know. Oh, and Halloween is not far off. A great costume is planned, but only time will tell if it can pulled off.

I’ll be joining the AGAPE program soon, which is a sort of “big brother/sister” type thing. As of now, it looks like I’m joining Meredith. She’s been picking up a girl named Ashley for a while now. Wednesday should be my first night with them. I’ll be sure to tell you guys about it. If not Wednesday, then some day between Thursday and Judgement. Maybe.



1. alicia - September 27, 2006

This past summer, when I had no meal plan, I would cook all my meals on Sunday afternoon. Then I diveded them up tinto those ziploc plastic reuseable things…1-2 per meal. It worked out great! Then (if it was hot meal) all I had to do was nuke it. Worked amazingly well! And it only takes an hour or so to doeverything for the week!

2. zach - September 29, 2006

good song selection, my all time favorite!

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