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Prepositional Difficulties October 23, 2006

Posted by eric22222 in Deep Thoughts, General.

My latest ponderings have brought me to the concept of God existing “before time.” Now, I’m of course referring to a “time” before the laws of the universe were in play; that is, the void before anything was created. I’m already getting into trouble just by using “before” to refer to a point where the word would be meaningless. I’m pretty sure you understand what I mean by it, but I thought I’d point out the paradox. I mean, most prepositions in this post are going to end up being meaningless.

The mere thought of a time before there was time is mind-boggling enough, but to know that holy (and unholy) beings were able to act during these times is just confusing. It shows that the spiritual world is not bound by time (I think Revelations 12 is a good example of the spiritual war being waged around us). Without time in the equation, things get pretty hard to understand, comprehend, and describe. Imagine trying to describe your house in two dimensions. You can show the floorplan, but you lose height, depth, etc. So try to explain God without using time. It’s odd, considering that several times we’re given examples of God doing something “after” or “before” something happens, though I think this refers to God’s actions manifesting themselves in our perceived world, bound by time.

Hmm… maybe it would be like a cube in a plane (sorry for the geometrically uneducated, but I think geometrically a lot. If you like, you could think of a box being submerged in water). When the box intersects the plane, it could form a triangle, a square, a pentagon, a line, a point, etc. But a cube, being three dimensional, could not intersect the plane at all. It’s not bound by those dimensions.

My point is, if you ever want to try and explain the way God interacts with our world, make sure you don’t try to use words! 😉



1. crittermer - October 25, 2006

Great post, Eric. I think it’s true also that sometimes God works in our hearts to the extent that we can’t really explain it with words. I think Paul even described God as “indescribable” at one point somewhere in his writing.

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