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Gasp! December 19, 2006

Posted by eric22222 in General.

Guess what! I was chosen to be Person of the Year by Time Magazine! Isn’t that great?

Click me!

Though the image doesn’t show it, that’s reflective mylar on the front there. So you wouldn’t get confused.

Oh, what a weekend. My computer just stopped dead in its tracks on Thursday, so I brought it in to BestBuy the next day.  You may remember my last experience with BestBuy. Anyway, although my computer was under warranty, they were still able to charge me for a back-up. Over the course of the weekend, I started getting all these great ideas for things to add to the project, but I couldn’t actually put any in. Terrible. It’s like suddenly wanting to do your term paper, but you realize you have no paper. You want to get something done, but you can’t.

On Monday I got it back with, I think, a new hard drive. Nothing was left on my computer. Totally back to factory settings. They also game me three CDs of backup, all the things I wrote down that they should save. My Documents took two and a half CDs. My sheetmusic, Malaysia folder, and desktop took up the remaining one half.

After getting everything back on my computer and downloading Firefox, iTunes, and GameDev, I went into a flurry of coding. And that’s my story. The end.

Wish you could’ve won Person of the Year, too. Oh wait, you did. Congratulations.



1. tammy - December 20, 2006

Sorry to hear about your computer but at least you got everything up and running again. They still charged you for fixing it even though it was still under warrenty? Weird. So what’s the point of the warrenty? Oh well, can’t wait to see your game!

2. crittermer - December 20, 2006

Eric, thanks for telling me about my award. I’m so honored! I’ll go work on my acceptance speech right now.=)

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