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If you build it… January 20, 2007

Posted by eric22222 in General.

Well, it’s been quite a while since I’ve had a substantial post. I’ve had this on my list of things to write about, so now seems as good a time as ever. Unfortunately for you, this is a really long post, so I’ve used that little “more” feature that I love so very much. You’ll have to go through the trouble of clicking it.

When I was just getting back to Knoxville a couple weeks back, I wanted to buy an organizer for my room. As it was, my desk had been a sort of convention for all items able to cause clutter. Almost as if the items had banded together in order to achieve their mutual goal of cluttering my desk. I decided to fight back with a new organizer. Unfortunately, Wal-mart didn’t have what I was looking for. I knew exactly what I wanted: a set of shelves supported by four possibly cylindrical posts. Alas, there was nothing of the sort. I went to the house and started unpacking anyway. I noticed things were getting way too messy. The items were without a doubt celebrating the clutter with some sort of little item party. An item soiree, if you will.


Bah! Their sounds of merryment was unbearable. “All I need is an organizer…” I looked all around. But since Wal-mart was out, there were none to be found. But did that stop me? No! I simply said, “If I can’t find an organizer, I’ll make one instead.”

Now, most people don’t think to save boxes. Me? I keep the best ones, ’cause ya never know when you’ll need a box. I grabbed all my stored ones, and a roll of duct tape. A few hours later, and BOBB is born. The BOBB, or Big-Ole-Bunch-of-Boxes, is a feat of modern engineering and boxes. At the time of its creation, it was equipped with a slot for loose paper, my old message bag from the fall retreat, a nice drawer made from two different shoeboxes, and four sturdy Fed-Ex legs. Since then, it’s gained four coin slots, pen holders, shelves, a tube to hold my scale, and a slot for my pitchpipe.


The best part about making your own organizer is that there’s never a shelf that’s “just a little too small”, since each slot is custom made for one of those trouble-making items. Granted, it’s not hand-crafted out of the finest oak and mahogany, but it’s my creation, and I’ve put it to good use.




1. Clifford (Grandaddy) Dobbs - January 20, 2007

Most excellent organizer. I need one for my desk.

2. Declutterization « Eric Online - January 27, 2012

[…] My old organizer, which finally got the boot. It’s just been encouraging me to hang on to old junk. […]

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