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Um… Title. March 7, 2007

Posted by eric22222 in General.

Currently listening to: “Blue Skies Over Guardia” from Chrono Symphonic

It’s been an interesting few days, but I’ll try to sum up:

On Saturday, Brad called me and said he was about to pass by the CSC. He was going hiking up House Mountain and was looking for someone to go with him. I took him up on the offer and am really glad I did. It wasn’t all that far a drive to the base. Once we got going, I was reminded by straining legs and struggling lungs that I missed lunch. It didn’t help that I hadn’t been on a real hike since Malaysia. About 1.5ish miles up, we climbed off the path and started going straight up the mountain. We found some rock formations with water dripping down in some spots (maybe if we come back in a few millennia we can see some stalactites). We climbed up some of the rock walls and probably cut out a lot of winding paths. The ridge was pretty amazing. Take a look here. The path at the top was just about perfectly on the top of the ridge, putting a great view in opposite directions. On one end was a rock perfect for standing on and seeing the horizon. I should also mention this day was incredibly windy. Coupled with a higher altitude, you get some pretty strong gales.

Yesterday I had a bit of free time, so I did some doodles on my tablet. Not really in the same vein of the stuff I post here, so I’m afraid I won’t.

Today I attended Kristen Fischer’s memorial service. I met her at All Campus Worship, where I really got to see what she was about. And that, simply put, was Jesus. I think I’ll just link on over to Meredith’s post, since it’s already kinda late.



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