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Dnd April 11, 2007

Posted by eric22222 in General.

This is it. I have once again inched my way toward what is popularly considered the most geeky activity possible: Dungeons and Dragons. We’ve known this day would come for some time now. It was all a matter of time. Once we were playing Munchkin (card game) regularly, we knew it wasn’t that far off. Eventually, Brad invited us to a game of Hero Quest, which is basically a watered down version of Dnd. I know it won’t be long before we’re tossing around 20-sided dice and arguing over who killed what. Fortunately, I know this isn’t the most geeky activity possible. That’d be larping. We’re not doing that. Ever.

We finished out the croquet game today. John placed first (bringing his total to 18 points) and I got third (putting me at 16 points). Now it’s down to the last three events: bocce, badminton, and miniature golf. John’s already been taken out of bocce, so this is free points for me. I’m already guaranteed 4th place (2 points), so we’re practically tied. Will I be able to defend my title as CSC decathlete? Or will John take the honor for the upcoming year? Only time will tell…

Here’s a fun little game that I stumbled across the other day: Desktop Tower Defense.



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