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Exams April 17, 2007

Posted by eric22222 in General.

Currently listening to: “All I Need” by Bethany Dillon

Hey, everypeoples! It’s exam time! The time of the year when I have to go back over the things I’ve already gone over because for some reason or another I don’t remember anymore. Blech. It’s not too bad this semester. Cs 140 was a piece of cake; planning to ace the class. History of rock gave me a little trouble at times, but I’m averaging a B so far (I think), so I should be ok there. Cs 160 has been tough, but I’m making it through. I know my tests average a B, but the homework and labs I don’t know about. Hoping for a good final grade. Math will be fine if I don’t screw up on the exam. The tests are the only real grades, and I think I have a C average (lots of new material and a few mistakes on the other tests. Basically, my grade will hinge on how I do on this test. *gulp*

End of year slideshow! Ah! Last year’s show turned out so well, and this one’s coming along nicely as well. I just have to kick it into gear; I’ve finished 1:55 out of 10 minutes worth of show. It has to premier next Saturday, so my work’s cut out for me.

Not much else going on here. I’ll make sure and keep you guys posted on the End of Year Slideshow.



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