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Finishing the slideshow April 27, 2007

Posted by eric22222 in General.

This is the hardest part about making the End-of-year show: 9% complete, 61 minutes remaining.

Pretty crazy few days. The final decathlon event (mini-golf) was scheduled for yesterday, but since there was a thunderstorm predicted for late afternoon, we postponed it. With a freshly freed afternoon, Brad invited me to play some disc golf. It was a lot of fun, albeit frustrating.

I didn’t do so well on mini-golf today. Despite absolutely loving the game, I’m terrible at it. The match was pretty much between Jonathan and Charlie. They came into the game tied in the decathlon standings. Charlie managed to beat Jon by, as tense plot twists would have it, one stroke.

45% complete, 14 minutes remaining.

Wait, what? Hang on…
61/(100%-9%) =? 14/(100%-45%)
61/.81 =? 14/.55
61*.55 =? 14*.81
33.55 = 11.34

Weird… guess Movie Maker’s time calculator isn’t accurate at all…



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