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Final grades May 8, 2007

Posted by eric22222 in General.

Classes over. I just finished my last exam, and it went quite well. All my grades seem to have shot up during the final week. CS140 was an A from day 1, but the others had a few nose dives. CS160 (which I just finished the final of) had some crazy questions on the test; the kinds of things we went over once and only once. The final went well, though. First off, the main section was over the final two days of class lectures. It’s easy to study two days worth of material. Secondly, the three remaining sections were reviews on previous tests. They didn’t contribute to the final, but instead offered up to 10 points extra credit for their respective exams. The questions were pretty easy, which will bring up a lot of my test grades. History of rock was average in difficulty, but I got an A-/B+ on my research paper.And calculus…

Well, I attended the first 1/6 of the class. After that, I was convinced the class was going to be a piece of cake. I put the class on the backburner. Unfortunately, as the class got more difficult, I still didn’t go. I just got my grade back, and it turns out I got a B+, which is awesome considering I was expecting a C. Woot!

I had some time for drawing last night, so using the power of my Wacom tablet, I made this.



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