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Hawaii part 2 June 18, 2007

Posted by eric22222 in General.

Part 2 of the vacation summary:

Day 3:
We hit the road early in the morning, driving along the western coast. We followed it north, stopping occasionally to check out the scenic points along the way. A few smaller islands were stranded hundreds of feet out, trapped by the high waves and their own lack of motivation to come any closer to shore. A lighthouse marked the westernmost point of the island. The drive wasn’t totally spur of the moment: we were due to be at the Polynesian Culture Center shortly after noon. We got to the town that was home to the center, but had a little extra time. We decided to drive farther and, hopefully, get some lunch. We curved around the northern tip of Oahu and drove south around the eastern coast. After finding a nice place to eat, we backtracked to our destination.

The Polynesian Culture Center is essentially a Pacific island Dollywood, sans roller coasters. College students work there so they can get through school, putting on outrageous costumes to become a caricature of entire cultures. The staff, clad in their grass skirts, ran various activities, such as a small fishing dock and demonstrations on tribal drums. That evening, we enjoyed a large dinner, complete with Polynesian cuisine. Though it may be a bit of a tangent, I’m going to go ahead and point out that the dinner rolls were purple. From what I understand, taro root is added to the bread mix before cooking, which makes it purple inside and out. Following the dinner, we went to the night show. It really wasn’t interesting until they started setting each other on fire. Yeah, I guess I’m hard to please.

Day 4:
Ashley really wanted to see Pearl Harbor before we left, so we left early to get in before the crowd. No such luck. The crowds had already made it in. The line outside doubled over itself, making an enormous loop. Once we did get inside, we got to wait until our turn to see the memorial. We had to somehow spend two hours. The museum was alright, plenty of models and such, but it didn’t take long to go through it. Eventually we just decided to sit around and wait. Not a whole lot to say about this part. I guess my literature high is wearing off. Ya see, after I read a lot, I’ll start thinking in narration. I guess my writing has settled back down. Ah, well.

Later that day, we went back to the beach. Since I wasn’t up for anymore tanning, I got to work on a sand castle. This was no ordinary sand castle, of course. This was the greatest sand castle I’ve ever built. I could go on and on about the details and construction, but I’ll just let you guys check out the pictures later.

Day 5:
Early in the morning, Mom and I went to Diamondhead to hike. It’s an extinct volcano, now a popular place to hike. It wasn’t all that long. Maybe an hour, round trip. I knew volcanoes were big, but you really don’t grasp just how big big is until you’re standing on the top of it. After the hike, we went back to the hotel to get Ashley.

We spent the first half of the day at Hanauma Bay. It was once a volcano, now extinct. Eons ago, one of the walls collapsed into the ocean, flooding the crater. Now, there’s a bay. We rented some snorkeling equipment and swam around the coral, watching colorful fish nibble at the reef’s algae coating.

The second half of the day was spent a Paradise Cove’s luau. We did some spear throwing, went on a canoe ride, and ate a lot of luau-food.

Day 6:
The final day was uneventful. Around noon we grabbed some food and then went to the airport. I dove back into my books, now starting the third. I had, against all probability, gotten that one of seven seats that is completely boxed in by other passengers. Around the time dinner came around, I could feel myself mentally narrating reality once again. Every action and thought was matched with a quick analogy or witty observation. I regained the ability to think in italics. Once I had finished my meal, I returned to reading.

Below the plane, timezones passed by, growing slightly agitated at the people who zoomed over without paying them any mind. Within that thin shell of metal and plastic in seat 29D, my circadian clock blinked 12:00. Somewhere between the front and back covers of my book, conflicts slowly resolved, mysteries met their respective answers, and everyone was a little better for the journey.

Day 7, maybe?
Though I couldn’t be sure when exactly it happened, there was a time in which the sun was beaming down at the exact opposite point of the globe. I had decided that it would be best to let sleep slip by for this particular pseudo-night. At some indeterminate time, we touched down in Atlanta. After a change of planes, we headed back to Nashville. The air above Atlanta was hazy and thick. The plane glided effortlessly though the fog, surfacing in a sort of atmospheric purgatory. The frosting of the fog was spread over the city below while a several superior clouds were suspended above. We broke through the upper layer of clouds, all generating an appearance of a sea of cirrus clouds with several cumulo-mountains rising over them. The awe subsided later, as the plane descended. We went on to find the car, drive home, and unpack. Those events, though having the upper-hand in duration, don’t deserve the length of description that those few whisps of insubstantial water did.



1. Tammy - June 26, 2007

Wow. That sounded like some trip. Glad you didn’t fall into a volcano.

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