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Apology to G2 August 22, 2007

Posted by eric22222 in General, Personal Favorites.

The 3-pages (picture)

The typed version:

 Dear family that lives below G4,

Greetings from G4! I know this is extremely unusual, but I wanted to write this in apology of an event you may not have even noticed. Last night at 11:18, I was in pursuit of a large roach. This unwelcome guest had found its way to my bedroom as I was preparing to doze off for the night. Grabbing my shoe, I gave chase, following it to the other bedroom. It was then that I discovered how well roaches can dodge attacks. When I had it cornered, I swung my shoe with deadly accuracy. Victory was attained, and I could sleep soundly for tomorrow’s 8 AM class. However, as I reflected on my victory, I heard a sound from the floor, similar to the shoe-thud that accompanied Mr. Roach’s passing. My assumption is that this was a “ceiling tap,” the standard apartment petition for quiet. I can’t be sure that this was the case, but if it was, you have my deepest apologies. If not, I at least hope this letter has given you some entertainment, however brief. I can assure you the roach’s size (see FIG 1) warranted a powerful swing. Whether or not it was a “ceiling tap,” I would like to apologize in advance if we ever disturb you. Zach and I have fairly difficult majors, so we do occasionally walk in at odd hours, so some nights we might accidentally wake you up. I hope we don’t, but it could happen. I realize this seems like an awful lot of writing to more or less repeat Jesus’s “Love your neighbor” command, but I sometimes ramble. Looking back over this, I see I wrote in a more humorous tone than I planned, but all the better; maybe you got a good laugh out of all this.

-Eric Dobbs




1. The Matt Luc - August 23, 2007

Your apartment number is G4? Like the channel?! THATS CRAZY!!!

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