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LotR-O’s October 2, 2007

Posted by eric22222 in General, Photoshop.

(Session 17 is up)

At our weekly Bible study, we’re discussing the fruits of the spirit. Tonight we were focusing on peace, so Wilson brought in a bag of Reese’s Pieces with the letters expertly edited (a la Sharpie) to say “Reese’s Peaces.” This led to a discussion (not during the study, mind you) about the crazy commercials for the corresponding cereal. The scenario is always the same: (A) people in ANY situation, (B) one person says, out of the blue, “I had Reese’s for breakfast.” Completely without warning, they start telling people what they had for breakfast.

This discussion led to a talk about the Cinnamon Toast Crunch commercials, which follow a similar pattern. Late tonight, it led to a quick Photoshop, heavy on the geek, light on the effort:


Also, Adam found a similar comic in the deep, dark recesses of the internet here.



1. adam - October 2, 2007


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