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Tales of Interest October 8, 2007

Posted by eric22222 in General.

(D&D session 18 has been posted)

It’s been an eventful weekend, full of amusing anecdotes, funny stories, entertaining tales, and now, repetitive descriptions. Where to begin…

Saturday, I worked for a bit at Chick-Fil-A. I know you guys all probably expected me to go to some local sporting event, but I decided against it. This four-hour shift contained my greatest and worst Chick-Fil-A moments. First off, let me say that the post-game rush was not as bad as I pictured. Being a good five miles from the stadium, it was easier than the lunch rush. Anyway, after handing one of our customers his food, he asked if he could talk to the manager for a bit. I pointed the on-duty manager his way and stood there red-faced while the customer started telling the manager how I was deserving of a raise, had a great personality, and gave service like they’d never seen at a fast-food place. Hooray, warm fuzzies! Let’s dwell on that for a moment.

Right. Now for the worst Chick-Fil-A moment (which could have easily been worse). The milkshake machine was running low on base (which is basically a cream/milk kinda thing). It was to be my first time changing it. I opened the corner of the box, revealing the plastic bag containing the potential deliciousness. At this corner of the box is the nozzle. The normal progression of things is that one pulls out the nozzle, slides the box in, feeds the nozzle into its groove, and screws it into place. I got to step one. I began pulling the nozzle out of the box, when it slipped and actually popped off the bag. Shake base began spewing from the bag, as if I had stabbed it in a plastic bag’s equivalent of a jugular vein. I mean, it almost hit the ceiling. Luckily, I (along with the window and a few packs of barbeque sauce) was the only one that got shaked. We were able to save most of the base, so nothing was really lost aside from a few minutes.

Sunday was my day to lead singing at Laurel. Normally, Mike Taylor is the worship leader, but he was out of town over the weekend. Things went really well, in my opinion. No train wrecks, everyone stayed with me, and the pitch didn’t drop out of my range* as it sometimes does.

After church Sunday, Charles mentioned to me that my tire was low. This is not the first time I’ve had trouble with that tire. I’ve long suspected it of being leaky or something. Lucky for me, a gas station within a half-mile of the CSC had air pumps. I was shocked to find that my tire was nearly flat by the time I got to the pumps. I filled it with air (and topped off the other 3 while I was at it). It held it inside, but I could hear a faint hissing. I made it back to the apartment with the tire still full of air. I listened again and still heard that sound. I couldn’t be sure if it was the tire making the sound, but I had reason enough to suspect it. I made plans with Zach that night to take his car to school if my tire was flat in the morning. I’d be back before he even woke up.

Sure enough, the next morning it was flat as a pancake wrapped around a hubcap with some air in it. After getting back to the apartment, I got to work on removing the tire. The hole was pretty obvious. I was in luck, though, because I live next to an auto repair shop. I rolled my tire less than ten feet and asked if they could patch it**. They said the tire would need to be replaced. They looked around for a matching tire and found one next to a shiny, red Mazda***. They pulled the tire off my wheel and slid on the new one. I rolled it over to my van and tightened it all up. With the tire fixed, I went back up to my apartment to write this post.

I gotta say, this is a long post. It should keep you guys occupied for the rest of the week, hopefully.

*The pitch of a song has a tendency to slowly drop a half-step or two. Though this normally isn’t a problem, some songs are right on the border of my range, so that step makes a lot of difference by the third or fourth verse.

**I had done my research beforehand, and was pretty sure they couldn’t. I mean, I could’ve stuck my hand through the hole.

***The tire did not belong to the Mazda, as it was in a pile with at least ten other tires.

****The only reason I’m using so many footnotes is because I watched The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy the other night. It was better than I expected (although it took many liberties with the plot) and brought back good memories of reading through it, reminding me of British authors’ love of footnotes in comedy.



1. Jon Sharp - October 8, 2007

if you like footnotes, i suggest reading any of Jasper Fforde’s series of novels involving the heroine Thursday Next. Good reads.

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