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Alliterative Tale November 5, 2007

Posted by eric22222 in General, Personal Favorites.

(Session 22 is up)

I was going to recite the boring old story of how I thought I might’ve gotten E. coli but didn’t, then I realized today was the 5th of November. This reminded me of “V for Vendetta,” a pretty awesome movie swimming with alliteration. Therefore:

It pleases me presently to put forth my parable, and perhaps the presentees may profit per my preaching. People who presently proclaim me “pal” are presumptuous that I am pleased to put away pizza per meal, packing pounds of pepperoni. Pressing then was the problem presented by the pizza-producing Totino’s PR, that perhaps, ’twas possible particular pies purchased at shopping plazas provided place for that perilous plague: E. coli. Perched in th’ apartment’s pristine freezer, a pair of pairs of pepperoni pizza products had been placed in the past, now only one pie persisted. A trio of pizzas had previously been prepared in the piping, preheated stove; I’d partaken of them, putting myself in a precarious, pressing position with a possibility of pestilence. Possibilities, though, prove no peril without process. The plague never presented itself, and I persist presiding in my prime. Peril precluded.



1. Dad - November 9, 2007

Pleasing punny, pal- Dad

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