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Team Fortress 2 December 16, 2007

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(Session 28)

Okay, okay. I’m posting. Quit nagging.

First off, I’ll just point out that the D&D game is on hold until after the break. Session 28 was a fun ending to the semester-long series, but has left several in-game issues unresolved. I’m looking forward to getting to the series’s end soon, though I’m not sure exactly what’ll happen up to that point. Anyway.
I’ve been playing more of the Orange Box recently. After happily completing Portal and two thirds of the Half-Life series, I decided to give Team Fortress 2 a chance. In the past two weeks, I have played it for fifty-four hours. Okay, so I rounded up, but you get the idea. I have to say, it’s been one of the greatest multiplayer experiences of my gaming life. Pull up a chair, sit a spell, and let me explain how it all works…

The Team Fortress series began as a mod for Quake. Ten years later, Team Fortress 2 came out as a for-real game. Valve put a lot of work into this one, and it shows. The art is fantastic, models and textures are superb, but the gameplay is what really sets it apart.

The goal of the game varies from map to map, but it’s usually either grab the other team’s briefcase and bring it back to your base and keep them from doing the same, OR stand on the other team’s control points long enough without letting them get to yours. The fun part is that you can be any one of nine classes. Each class has its own unique look, abilities, weapons, accent, personality, and so on. While I could go into detail on each class, the internet has already beaten me to the punch. Suffice to say that they’re hilariously stereotypical with exaggerated accents and mannerisms.

Valve made a pretty awesome set of videos to build up the hype before the game was released. These are four videos that show off the hilarious personalities of the classes. First up is the Heavy:

His thick, Slavic accent makes him one of the funnier classes to listen to, but the Heavy really doesn’t fit my play style. He’s slow-moving, even if he is powerful. I just like more mobility. The Soldier, though only slightly faster than the Heavy, is able to fire rockets at the ground to blast himself into the air. Firing rockets at other people’s feet sends them into the air, allowing you to calculate where they should land just in time to fire another at their forced destination. The looks on their virtual faces are priceless as they watch themselves falling straight into the rocket’s blast.

The Scottish Demoman is just plain funny. Bouncing grenades off walls is actually a pretty difficult thing to master, as you might expect.

Which brings me to my personal favorite: the ole’ Texan Engineer. Playing him is like an RTS. You’ve got manage your time and resources well to get everything up quick. You’ve got to get your sentry gun up before the enemies show up to make a mess of things, but do you go ahead and upgrade it with rockets or build a teleporter first? It really depends on the situation…



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