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If I die, put “Bureaucracy killed him” on my tombstone January 23, 2008

Posted by eric22222 in General.

Eric: Boy, I don’t feel well. Hey UT, how about some of that medical attention I’m paying for?
UT: Nah, we’re too busy. Come back tomorrow.
Eric: But, I’m sick now!
UT: Hey, that’s not my fault. You should have had a better immune system.
Eric: So if I come back tomorrow, you’ll fix me all up?
UT: No, we’ll just tell you to come back the next day.
Eric: Well, why does that guy get to see a doctor?
UT: He’s more sick than you.
Eric: What?!
That guy: ‘S true, dude. Um… cough cough and such.
Eric: Well what about that other guy? I’m more sick than him…
UT: He’s got an appointment. If you had just called ahead a few days back-
Eric: I wasn’t sick a few days back.
UT: Nonetheless, you should’ve set up an appointment.
Eric: So let me get this straight: if I want to see the doctor, I have to tell you guys about it a day before I get sick?
UT: Now you’re getting it!



1. The Matt Luc - January 24, 2008

Hurry up and wait, sir. Hurry up and wait.

2. aniche - January 27, 2008


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