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Mario and Quantum Immortality February 17, 2008

Posted by eric22222 in General, Video.

(Part 1 of session 31 is up)

Quantum immortality is a sort of concept that goes kind of like this: let’s say there are infinitely many parallel universes. If you get hit by a bus and die in one, there are an infinite number in which you narrowly missed it, or even never went near the street. If, by any incredible chance, you could have survived, then in some universe, you did survive. It’s an interesting thought experiment, but here’s why I needed to give you that tidbit:

That’s 134 different runs of a custom-made Super Mario World level. Every time a difficult section was coming up, the player hit save and gave it a try. If he died, a copy of all the movements was recorded, but otherwise he’d be that much closer to the end of the level. Finally, all the runs were overlayed to one video which you just saw. Pretty cool, huh?



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